Windows Terminal 2024 on Windows 11 with Azure, Ubuntu, CMD and Powershell

Install Windows Terminal 2024

With just a few command you can run your CMD, a Linux Bash, PowerShell and Azure Cloud Shell in One Terminal Screen under current versions of Windows 10 & Windows…

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document library with garfield

Windows Home Edition – Group Policy Editor

If you are using a Windows Home version and want to make a setting via Group Policy, you will find that there is no Group Policy Manager under Windows Home…

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Windows Linux Subsystem on Windows 11

Install Windows Linux Subsystem 2 (easy)

With just one command you can run a Linux under current versions of Windows 10 & Windows 11. Introduction to WSL Are you using Windows 10 or 11 at the…

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Powershell, Domain Controller

Powershell – List all domain controllers and more for the new Windows Server 2025

How do you create a list of all domain controllers (DCs) with a few commands and write it to a CSV file? Comma-separated values (CSV) is a text file format…

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Active Directory Group Policy Report Image

Active Directory – Group Policy Report

If you want to quickly sort or filter the GPOs in the Active Directory by name or by enabled computer or user GPO settings, it is best to use Powershell….

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TechnicalDebt IT Infrastructure

Overcome Technical Debt in IT Infrastructure 2024

Technical Debt lately is used mostly with Software Engineering and Software Architecture. It is also a critical component to IT Operations and Infrastructure Architectural work. In this article I will…

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Windows Server 2025 – Part 4 (Services Removed or no longer developed)

Microsoft is removing services or components from Windows Server 2025 or stopped developing them. Services Removed with Windows Server 2025 Feature Explanation IIS 6 Management Console (Web-Lgcy-Mgmt-Console) The console has…

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PortqueryUI Testen der Verbindung zum Domain Controller

Active Directory – Check communication (portqueryUI)

Overview With network segmentation, domain controllers often have to configured on a firewall. How do you test, verify and document the functioniality or errors? You often have to run tests,…

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firefox IerpbiJPWC

Starlink and Windows Admin Center in Azure in 2024

Starlink is an amazing solution to the “work anywhere” problem, and I’m using it to get ready for my sabbatical in 2026. I’m thrilled to have the chance to use…

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Azure IT Architect thinking

IT architects Abbreviations used with storage

IT Architects often use abbreviations in the Architectural Elevator and this often doesn’t help our conversation partners with architectural topics. Today I will explain some abbreviations on the subject of…

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